Letter To Future Patients

Page Photo - Letter To Future PatientsHi, my name is Mallory Watson. I know that you are excited to begin this new journey with getting braces. I too, was just as excited, a little nervous, and ready to have the perfect teeth I had always dreamt of having! My time spent at Murdock Orthodontics was well spent, and yours will be as well. I was in braces for a short 18 months and it was worth every second. Dr Murdock and his staff are very professional, so caring, and they have all of the latest technology and equipment available to give you the best treatment possible. Wanting the best results I could get, I vowed to follow the rules of my treatment plan exactly, and was out of my braces in the exact amount of time predicted, and had the BEST results ever! I cannot be any happier with the level of care, treatment and results that I received at Murdock Orthodontics, and I know that you will be too.